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Rafting sul fiume Cetina


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The river Cetina is one of the most beautiful places in Croatia where you can experience the excitement of rafting. It is situated in the peaceful countryside of Dalmatinska Zagora region and it i slowly passes through numerous canyons, spots and hills rising above it. River comes out of 5 strong wells at 380 m above the sea, under two mountains, Dinara and Gnjat, few km northern from town Vrlika, from where it flows south-east through the fields of Sinj, town Trilj to Zadvarje, where it turns west to Omiš where it joins the Adriatic Sea.

Ever-faster rhythm of life made the time spent in nature essential for maintaining good health. This need strenghtened the position of eco-tourism and contributed to the promotion of new sports closely related to nature.



Rafting on river Cetina, near the town of Omiš, has in the last few years become the favourite recreation of tourists and adventurers spending their vacations at the Adriatic coast. In between swimming and sunbathing, travel agency NIK organizes rafting on river Cetina for its guests.

This river has found it's way through fields and cliffs creating rapids, waterfalls, lakes surrounded by wild vegetation and canyons. The natural harmony in and around this river is still unharmed.

A guide is assigned to every crew. He will give you all the equipment you need, which includes paddle, helmet and buoyancy aid. You will be also given a quick tutorial for basic rafting skills.

All you need to bring with you is a swimming suite, some shoes suitable for water and dry clothes. If you want to take pictures, it is recommendable a waterproof camera.



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