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When browsing our offer on the website, you can for each offered service click on a button or send a booking inquiry, you need to fill in as much detail your application form. . Subsequently, we check whether it is possible to book the requested service and confirm you the final price with the associated costs, and advance.If the offered price and the booking conditions correspond we will need your final confirmation after which we will send you an e-mail or fax with form for advance payment or the full amount of the arragement. Advance as booking confirmation is to be payed within 72 h (till 30th of April), 48h (from 30th of April till 31st of August) and 24h if the arrival is within 14 days. After the payment you need to send us a copy of payment via e-mail or fax (+385 22 338 550). After the advance payment you will receive confirmation, and after the full amount is paid you will receive a voucher which contains all information about the reservation - arrangement.

*Reservations for under 4 days is 30% higher than the basic price  (It does not include the tourist tax)

You can make a payment in four given ways:

  1. cash payments at our office on address Ante Šupuka 5, 22 000 Šibenik, Croatia
  2. Payment into a giro account of agency:
    (Only from Croatia)
    To make the payment to the bank account of the agency is carried out correctly you will need the following information:
    • Remitter First Name and Name of the holder of the reservation with home address 
    • Subject: reservation number and type of accomodation (eg. 0790 hotel Ivan)
    • Receiver: NIK – Turistička agencija – Šibenik 22000 Ante Šupuka 5
    • giro account: 24070000-1100016267, OTP Banka d.d.
  3. For payment from abroad (foreign-exchange account):
    To make payment to the bank account of the agency is carried out correctly you will need the following information:
    • Remitter: First Name and Name of the holder of the reservation with home address
    • Receiver: NIK – Turistička agencija – Šibenik 22000 Ante Šupuka 5
    • Bank: RAIFFEISEN BANK d.d., 10 000 Zagreb, Petrinjska 59, Croatia
    • Bank account:2500-978-107883
    • Subject:: accomodation reservation - reservation number given to the guest at time of booking
    * both agency and guest should defray the expenses of payment so that a guest pays bank charges of remitter while the agency pays bank charges of payee.
  4. Off-line credit cards payment:
    (Visa, MasterCard©, American Express©)

    If you have decided to make the off-line payment by Your credit card, You will be given a booking form to fill in and proceed the agency on the fax number:
    ++ 385 21 531-463
    You authorize the agency to cash the deposit.

    If you decide to use a credit card for your payment, by entering in your data you authorize the agency to charge your account for the amounts and dynamics in accordance with the agreed price for your chosen arrangement.


  • Payment in two installments
    Reservation of accommodation is done in two parts.The first part is payable on booking, and the other part is paid:
    • for hotel accomodation - at least 30 days prior to departure.
    • for apartments and rooms in private accomodation, difference between the advance and the total amount can be paid before arrival or upon arrival at the destination in our agency 
  • Rok za uplatom rezervacije
    After confirmation, the guest is required to pay 30% of the full amount within 24 hours (not counting Saturdays, Sundays or holidays) to make the reservation valid, and forward the confirmation to the agency

The exact date until which the agency is required to keep under the terms of the option (rent to the client) is indicated on each aplication form order form under "maturity" .

When the guest fills in and sends the reservation application, for the next 24 hours, the chosen dates are withdrawn from the market and the applicant has the reservation privilege.  Thus, no other guest is able to reserve the specified accommodation unit for the specified dates.These terms are on the Internet are marked in yellow .

If the guest makes the reservation payment and forwards the confirmation to the agency within the due date, upon checking the payment these dates will be marked in red so that for the season in question no other reservation of the same unit is possible, not in the same dates nor any other dates partially overlapping with the confirmed dates.

If the agency does not receive the payment confirmation within the expected term, we will consider the guest to have cancelled the reservation they applied for. Thus, the specified dates on the Internet will no longer be marked in red, but will again be marked as available - in white.


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